Cephalotus raised outdoors

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Wow!  What excellent plants Lucien :tu:.

You say you grow these outdoors so can you describe the growing conditions more precisely, for example sun or shade, open environment or some cover from the elements, etc?  Your compost certainly looks quite damp too.

I have some Cephs outside too, they are on a patio under cover from all the elements and primarily in shade from the sun most of the time but they do not look anything like as healthy as yours and I am in the south of France.  I lost a couple over the summer from getting too much sun I think as the leaves suddenly turned brown for no real reason that I could see.  My plants are usually in a couple of centimetres of water at most and I let that just dry out before refilling the tray.

Any help you can give regarding outside cultivation would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,  Rob

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Hello Rob

My cephalo are in the south in full sun on a shelf during the spring.
In the evening I spray them with rainwater.
In autumn the rain sprinkles them, and at the first frosts I return them to the greenhouse for dormancy.


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