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French Pinguicula from Seed


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Hi all, I have seed arriving for P. Grandiflora “French Alps” and P. Longifolia ssp. Longifolia “Odessa, France”.

three questions:


1. do they need stratification?

2. What media would be best?

3. what conditions should I germinate them in?


this is my first experience with pings. Thanks 

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all 2 we need stratification

for grandiflora  a acid substrate like just blond peat

for  longifolia  a calcareous  substrate

you can sow them right away or leave them at the bottom of the fridge to sow them in the spring
warning our seasons are reversed
for the new zealand it would be better to sow them away, fairly humid substrate and out all year round
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Thanks for that. I started them before you replied, putting both on a mix of 2:1:1 peat:sand:pumice. They are covered and at the bottom of the fridge, which my wife is not impressed about. What would you recommend as a better substrate for P. Longifolia next time?

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actually in your country it is the spring  ( summer in december-february), also for me, leave these seedlings out, especially cover them to prevent threshing of the substrate by the rain.

longifolia is not a acid specie but a calcareous like a lot of temperate  , then use a calcareous substrate for them .

my substrate for these calcareous species (including mexican and some others)

-cat litter with sometimes akadama (bonzaï substrate) 50%

-pouzzolane  12.5%

-calcareous sand 12.5%

-river sand 12.5%

-vermiculite 12.5%


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