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Hi everyone! My name is Dawn and I'm a longtime CP owner: I've had various VFTs since the 1990s, a Sarracenia and Butterwort since 2003 and just started with Nepenthes.  Apart from the Sarr and first Butterwort, the rest have all been DIY store or garden centre 'rescues', you know the sort, left in the bargain bin for 50p or £1 and looking sorry for themselves.  I've spent a lot of time on the (US-based but excellent) FlytrapCare forums but it's letting me down on Butterworts and I'm not sure the Nepenthes and Sarr section is totally complete, so I've joined here to see what's going on having been a fairly longterm watcher.

I've been pretty successful with VFTs TBH, I've a load of unidentified hybrids (probably all the same) who keep dividing and thriving in a big pot in the garden. Our microclimate isn't too bad, we're pretty temperate in Nottingham and we're next to a canal. The garden is majority north- and east-facing but the VFTs get full sun for about half a day. My Sarrs (just labelled 'hybride') are permanently outside too, and were doing really well until a series of bad weather events (too hot, cold, wet and dry :S) and now they're not looking so good so I'll be repotting them into a more suitable container and position sometime after Winter. My original Butterwort was eaten by slugs/snails in the very wet winter a few years ago and I've since replaced it with another Weser hybrid, which has just multiplied loads. and is inside for the Winter.  I've just started with a Nepenthes Sanguinea which had a lovely time outside in the humid, warm weather this year and an N. Hookeriana which hasn't thrived as well and I suspect may need significantly higher temperatures than Sanguinea.  I found Tom's Carnivores website useful for finding out that information :)

I also have two rabbits and a partner, and enjoy lots of varied hobbies including wargaming, roleplaying, photography, walking, travelling and volunteering at a local air museum.

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