GFP-Calendar for 2020

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As in the years before, the german carnivorous plants society will produce a calendar also for 2020. You can see a preview in this post.
The Calendar will be 44cm x 32cm. The price will be 15€ + shipping. There will be 225 copies printed.
We will start to sell it in 1-2 weeks. We will announce this on Facebook as well as on some of the most known forums.
Please let me know if you have any questions!
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the calendar can now be ordered!

If you are inside of germany, you can use the following link to order your copies:

For orders outside of germany, please write an Email with your address and the numbers of copies you want ot order to Benedikt Schmitt at [email protected]

The calendar will be 15€. The costs for shipping depend on the country and numbers of copies you order. In most cases it will be:

Germany: 5,99€ for one calendar, 7,99€ for two.

outside of germany: 8€ for one calendar, 16€ for two.

If you want to order more than two calendars, please ask Benedikt for the shipping costs.

We hope, you will like our calendar! We have ordered 225 copies, which we hope to sell soon! So, don't wait too long to order your copy.


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