Mile King's open day ,October 19th

Mike King

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Hi Everyone,

     Most of you will know that my open day is happening very soon on October the 19th. The leucos and other autumn peaking Sarracenia are looking great right now.


As usual, food and refreshments are provided and please bring plants for sale and swap. I will be dividing plants to order and have quite a few plants in the sales greenhouse.


Looking forward to seeing you.



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Gutted. I was all ready to come down today then realisd i'm a week early!

I cant make next Saturday as we're all down in Dover meeting my Cousin who's on a 2 day stop over on her way back home to Australia.

Never will get our game of snooker MIke :(


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On 10/16/2019 at 12:09 AM, Jonathan_Creek said:

Hi just a question, I am down in Dartmoor and it's a four hour drive, is getting there around 12 to 1pm OK? Thanks! 

That's OK, but the open day finishes at 2.30pm (hence the football question), so you'll only have an hour or 2 there. If you're after some of Mike's sale plants I'd get there as early as possible!

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