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Setup terrarium during winter or wait for spring?

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Hey guys, 


So I currently have 2 aquariums on the go, one is a large cube which tbh is surplus and I'm considering moving the shrimp to the larger which would leave it free.

Something I've always wanted to do was make a really nice indoor carnivorous terrarium.

I have some pretty decent LED grow lights which would be around 18" above the soil and plan to have some nice sarracenia at the back, some VFTs mid and some Sundew at the front (or something).

Now, I appreciate seasonally it's all wrong to do anything right now, but if I am to have these indoor anyway is there anything wrong with buying some plants now and setting this up skipping dormancy entirely or would I be better off waiting for spring?


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It won't work unless you plan on taking the plants out every winter, but then I don't think there'd be much of a point to the terrarium. Dionaea, Sarracenia and temperate sundews must hibernate during winter, which will be virtually impossible in a terrarium. There are plenty of species that like a constant temperature year-round, though. Nepenthes, Heliamphora, tropical Drosera, tropical Utricularia, Stylidium, ...

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