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Hi all,

I've got some drosera, butterworts, utricularia and pitcher, and wanted to ask which is better for them to thrive; my windowsill, or grow tank with 7500k plant lighting.

I realise the pitcher will do better on the windowsill as they require a dormancy, something I'm hoping the natural seasons will take care of, but for the others I'm not sure whether my window receives enough direct sunlight. 

Right now the plants are beginning to flower etc in their tank, which is maybe daft of me to now consider changing their parameters. 

I've attached pics of the two options below:




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From a light point of view it probably depends which direction the window is facing.  The Pings and Utric may be OK in the tank but I'd have doubts about the Droseras which seem to be in a less bright part of the tank anyway.  If you're considering humidity I'd say the tank would be better.   Which plant are you calling a pitcher?  Is it somewhere else?

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A South facing windowsill (or north facing if you live in the southern hemisphere) is great. I've got two drosera capensis and a vft happily living in my one south facing window. I am planning to move my vft into dormancy shortly. I have no experience yet with lights. I am planning to get some lights in the future :tu:

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