Nepenthes truncata question


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I remember  I got  10 seeds from USA friend and only 3 germinated....

Anyway, yes,  when the plant  was small it  was painfully slow growing .I found some old pics of the same plant in my facebook archives.  No idea it is male or female. So far the plant is quite shy to flower though.  

Do u plan to grow N. truncata from seeds? 

2016 year


2017 year



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Great satisfaction to grow this plant from seed!!! So You obtain this plant from only 10 seeds?!!! Great job!!! And thanks for your photos, very useful!! I’ve got a little truncata, bought last october... my dream is to grow from seed this plant!

I think that your plant hasn’t flowered yet because it needs more time... I red that n. robcantleyi queen of hearths and king of spades flowered at about 10 years old (from seed)... I suspect that truncata is the same... I’ve also red that the seedgrown cross  between king of hearts and king of spades flowers at around 3 years old... and that nepenthes nebularum (supposely a parent of n. robcantleyi for who think that this plant is an hibryd between n. truncata and n. nebularum) also flower at about 3 years... but I’ve never red anything about nepenthes truncata flower age;-)

I love nepenthes truncata!!!

p.s.: do You still have other two seedlings or they have died?

I put here the photo of my little little truncata, growing outside on my windowswill... I’ve cut off the lids to feed the young pitchers with ants;-)

I put for you also my five seeds supposely of n. truncata (I bought them for e-bay, so I don’t have a lot of expectations);-)




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