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Dead of my cephalotus

Pelles Carnivorous Plants

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Hi I had over 10 pots with cephalotus which have grown really well during the summer but all of a sudden they start dying pot after pot.  It starts with the pitcher closing their lids and after a few days yellow leaves emerge and then the plant withers.  Has lost over 7 pots now with large beautiful plants. 

Some Suggestions on What Can Be Wrong?




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I’m not an expert, but I have a few cephalotus clones... I’ve seen similar things in plants that kept too hot... if it is the cause of the death, the plants will grow again from roots... if Ada is in true (and I hope for you he is wrong, but I know he has a lot of experience and so it is easier that I’m wrong) your plants are dead:-(

good luck!!!

p.s.: sorry for my bad English


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I had a similar experience earlier this year to the thread originator with a large Cephalotus in an 11cm square pot.  The plant yellowed, then went brown and died just like the plants in the photos above.  It has not recovered from the roots unfortunately.  It had rainwater, good compost not too wet and not dry, and I can only think it may have had too much sun or became too hot during the summer although it was in partial but not full shade.

Strangely enough, some young Cephs in 7 or 8cm pots that I had bought in the spring this year have all survived without problems and were fairly close to the plant which died but they were entirely in shade or had evening sun when it is much weaker.

It does seem Cephs can be a bit tricky to get the conditions just right for them, so I too am interested in any suggestions for the best way to grow them to stop them rotting mid season.


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