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Yes, aphids.. Please tell me what you are doing to get rid of them without damaging the plant? Frankly, I thought my Dionaea would eat them, but it doesn't seem to be its favorite food. So, I'd like to find a safe way to get rid of them, so as not to damage my favorite plant. By the way, did you know that Charles Darwin called it “the most wonderful plant in the world”? And I totally agree with him. Actually, I have another problem, ants! They're everywhere and I tried many ways to get rid of them but none worked. I'll probably have to contact a pest control service to solve this issue. If you are in that area, you can find this service at (487 014 733). I've heard good things about it. Perhaps I'll get a professional advice on how to get rid of plant pests without using chemicals.  

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What has worked for me specifically for dionaea ( venus fly traps) is to submerge the plant completely in rain water for one day.

You maybe will have to repeat this until the aphids have all died. The first time will kill most but sometimes eggs will hatch later on so the chances

are there could be more aphids. Look mostly under the leaves and on the stem .. that's where they like to hide.

With a magnifying glass you can easily see them .. I used my iPhone with a magnifying app to take the photos.

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