Do I put this nepanthes of mine into dormation?


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Hi everyone, I bought this plant in early spring, it's pitchers (only 2) were green and about an inch long at the most, I hung it out in my tree in the front North facing garden. Since then it's grown lovely red big pitchers. I am wondering do I put it into dormation for the winter like I do my dionaea and sarracenia (ladies in waiting hybrid) or doesn't it need it, can I just bring it indoors? 


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I’m not an expert... it seems to me a very strong and nice hybrid... when night temperatures go below 15 C, keep it indoor... the compost must be always moist, never wet... you could put some mm of water in the try, than when the try dries wait 1 or 2 days befor put in it new water... in winter, if you don’t give the plant additional light, the plant could don’t make pitchers... it is all ok, it starts make pitchers again in spring... sorry for my bad English, I hope you understand me;-)

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If I may, I think you should read some information about basics care for Nepenthes. 

Plants of this genus are tropical, and do not go dormant in winter in-situ.

Good luck!

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