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Hi all,

I recently picked up bladderwort and sundews from my local Dobbies Garden Centre, housing them below in a glass tank, with a 7k led designed for aquatic plants. 

I've got about an inch of RO water, with the plants in individual tubs, with morning mistings. 

Is this a suitable set up for these plants? I'm wondering whether the lack of humidity will affect them, or if there is something different I can do to help them. 

I'm keeping a close eye for insects being caught, with bloodworm available in case not. 

If this is a suitable set up, id like to add some more species that will do well, without the need for dormancy, and low relative humidity. Open to suggestions! 

Many thanks 


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Hi! Really nice plants... it is a good sistemation, but I’d prefer to put outside those plants, they are very vigorous (if I see good, d. capensis alba, d. aliciae and utricularia maybe livida ... don’t put them directly under the direct sunlight of the hotter hours of the day;-)

if You don’t have a very sunny windowswill, you can put those plants in this sistemation this winter;-)

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