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Bog planter.

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Hi Guys,

I'm building a planter which I'm going to let settle over the winter before planting it next spring. 

I'm going to use the upturned basin design,I've seen on here.

I'm thinking of surrounding the basin with horticultural grit,with about an inch covering the basin,then placing a layer of capillary matting over this before filling with the peat mix,would this be of any benefit,or am I over thinking it.The idea was to try to keep the reservoir free of muck.

Also,would it be a good idea to put some sphagnum moss in the peat mix,or just as a type of mulch?



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Does sound complicated Marc! Only joking, going to make one or two here soon and my plans for those might sound a bit involved but not really!

I've been having a read here too and looks like there are all kinds of ways of going about it. For me three things, need it to hold water in the summer, drain a bit in the winter if possible and I don't want perlite everywhere. My first is going to be a large terracotta planter lined with pond liner (I have some off cuts going if you need) most of the way up, little hole drilled at this point as a drain. Water via a waste pipe drilled and wrapped in geotextile, will have a stone over the top as a lid that I can move to check and refill water level. Got a plant in mind from a visit to PJ's for this one but I hope to make a larger mixed bed too. Also a few with different media, one peat, one pine bark etc and compare.

Anyway good luck and look forward to seeing the results :)


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Hi Dean,

Thanks for the offer of liner,but I don't think the planter I have in mind will need any.

I'm like you,been looking into media.

I think I'm going to use the peat free mix I've seen in Shropshire sarracenia videos,the plants seem to do well,with the bonus of very little moss growth.

I'll probably build mine in a month or so,let the winter weather it in,then plant it up early spring.

Good luck with yours too,I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

All the best


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