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Hi all,

The CPS are keen to have people from the society write an article for the magazine. I'd like to give it a go, but I'm interested in want sort of articles people might like? For example:

An account of getting in to growing CPs

A scientific article, such as enzyme production in Drosera, production of anthocyanins in Sarracenia etc

How did Darwin prove that plants were carnivorous?

Proparation of certain CPs

Trials and tribulations.

Or another aspect of growing CPs

Anyway your thoughts and ideas are welcome. 


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the CPS has two publications:  Planta Carnivora which tends to include all the science based articles but also reports on visits to cp sites in the UK and overseas, descriptions of new cultivars and other items of general cp interest.  The main point is that they must be high quality and possibly peer reviewed articles.  The editor is Dr Martin Cheek of RBG Kew.  The other publication is the Newsletter which is aimed at providing information to members on what is happening in the Society, shows, meetings, CP weekends, open days and other events, successes and failures, growing conditions, media and equipment etc.  The editor is Richard Bunn. 

The editors will welcome articles and you can contact both via the Contacts page on the website ( to obtain advice and guidance.


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