Someone interested in Utricularia Vulgaris

Rogier vdg

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Hi Rogier!

I was looking for that plant several years one year. As it is not clear does it grow in Slovenia or not I wanted to check some morphological signs from pure species from anywhere from Europe. Finally, I got plants from It, De, Cz, Cro. They are different from any plant from Slo I have seen so far.
I would be glad to get a piece of your plant too! All I need is some 10 cm of alive plant (several leaves and bladders). 


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Hi Jure,

Well, I can deliver that. Do you have plants to swap or will you buy it from me?

I'm looking for Darlingtona, D. madagascariensis or P Colimensis. We will then see what is a fair swap.

Or per shoot 3 euros plus 1, 5 euro for packing (You'll see it'll be worth it) and postage costs, which will of course depend on where you live

The shoots will be about 5 cm so that'll be two, but I can see if 10 cm will fit in the package. And always with several leaves and I'll see if it has bladders. They develop quite fast by the way, those bladders.



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