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Hi all,

I've just started to grow a few Venus fly traps and sundews for our office as we have a bit of a fly problem and this seemed like a fun way to deal with some of them! We have one south west facing window, a couple of skylights and other than that just daylight office lighting. Do you think this will provide enough light for these plants? I'm a bit worried they won't be able to survive inside and I'm not the most green thumbed!

Thought I'd join here to try and get some help and advice to keep them going as best I can.




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South west window should be fine if you have them close to the glass. VFT can be a little tricky to over winter as they need it to be a little cooler than room temp and are likely to rot in the pure peat compost that they tend to come in if bought from a garden centre, but most common sundews we are pretty easy going. For fly control, I would recommend a Sarracenia flava - although it would need to go outside for its winter dormancy. Good luck!

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