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Hi everyone, I have a drosera,it's in the Same pot as what I bought it in last May. I re potted a couple of my other carnivorous plants this spring but at the time my drosera didn't need it (it had been in dormancy for the winter), but now I think it really needs re potting, is it too late in the year to do it now? Any help/advice is appreciated. I have attached a pic I've just taken! 


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That's a nice plant you got there! If I can see it right, your plant is a drosera capensis. Those plants are really forgiving so it won't mind being repotted now. I just repot my drosera capensis when it's needed. Drosera capensis is also a subtropical plant so it does not require a dormancy period, with optimal conditions it keeps on growing the whole year round. 

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