Hello from New Zealand

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Hi all,

I’m a new CP collector from Hamilton, New Zealand. We don’t seem to have any forums, societies or groups here dedicated to CP’s, so this is the closest thing I have!

I have two so far, what I believe to be Nepenthes x Indah, and Sarracenia x Exellens. It seems pretty hard to come across CP’s here, no shops seem to sell any other than VFT’s during spring/summer.

If there are any kiwis here I’d love to buy/share in your collections, and please treat my beginner noob questions with patience!

Here is my Nepenthes x Indah (or so the seller told me). My Sarracenia looks half dead at the moment as it’s winter here, so no photos of it.




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I know of two CP enthusiasts who live in Palmerston North.  If you give me your email address I'll contact them for you.

There used to be a NZ Society but it closed a few years ago.


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