Terribly disappointed with plant order.

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Today I received an order for drosera plants and I can't help but feel disappointed. I wonder if anyone has any advice on the etiquette required for making a complaint. The plants came from a well known commercial grower in the UK and I feel deflated at the measly portions I received for my money. I've included a picture and wondered if I am being unjust. They cost £27 including postage and took three weeks to cash the cheque so we are talking slow delivery too. I won't be dealing with them again as you might expect.


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Sorry you're disappointed with the order.  It would be interesting to know who you bought them from.

It's a bit difficult to see, but it looks as though you have several of each of the types in those pots.  Did they arrive potted or bare rooted?  Potted, probably, as they are pygmy Drosera.  The trouble with pygmy drosera is that they are so small.  A lot are needed in a pot to make a good display.

The first thing to do is to re-read the description on the seller's site.  If the size and number of the plants you've received matches the description, fine.  If not, then a gentle email to the seller pointing this out is perfectly in order.

As to the delay, it's worth checking whether the seller was on holiday.  It's usual for sellers to put this on their web site with the dates they are away.

Best of luck with this.  You do have some nice plants there, though!  They may well fill the pots as time goes by.  These plants will produce gemmae which you can spread around the pot to germinate.


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Thanks for the reply Guy. The plants arrived as they are in the pictures so some had been in the pots for a while hence the moss and two of them clearly potted up fresh prior for despatch. 

On the website it states that all plants are 4 to 5 years old unless stated otherwise. I contacted them to see if they had pygmy drosera available and they supplied them without stating age.

Yes you are right about it taking a lot of pygmy drosera to make a pot look full but I still feel they were less than generous with their portions. I'm going to send an email saying that I'm not happy within the 8 day complaint procedure stated on their website.

I was cautious about stating who the company is but I will. It was P&J Plants. I know business is tough in the carnivorous plant world but they won't get many repeat customers with such small portions. Fingers crossed they survive.

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I can't see the top left pot but in all the rest it looks like you've a few plants. Understand your feelings, have a number of those t-shirts with CPs, but you've got 'stock' and they'll soon reproduce.  Takes years for sarracenia to pick up but at least with drosera it's much quicker! 

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