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Hi folks, I have been growing carnivorous plants since I was about ten (I am now 28). I am by no means an expert but always loved these plants. I am a big fan of leucophylla but I enjoy pretty much all carnivorous plants. I have until recently grown plants on windowsills but have recently been given a greenhouse by my grandfather so I am looking to expand my collection. Here's some photos of what I have so far:

IMG_2695.thumb.JPG.21085ae68bc82dad333e76a53a796680.JPGIMG_2652.thumb.JPG.e7bd306c4ae442f6a22d04fc2771c3b0.JPGIMG_2656.thumb.JPG.69f6f32627e696f5d47a2f992cff19bc.JPGIMG_2653.thumb.JPG.a63dd2889a142cc5e52828f2bc6384a8.JPGIMG_2650.thumb.JPG.dc7e963b546dcdb26f953d68c4240cb4.JPG IMG_2654.thumb.JPG.c626fc9e97dd17bd7e3abcf441a3362c.JPG

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13 hours ago, Jonathan_Creek said:

Thank you :) I am really happy with what I call the "greenhouse bog garden" so far. 

I don't have a greenhouse so everything here has to survive the elements. I rarely lose any too the weather.

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