Which species of drosera is this?

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Hi folks,

Anyone know which specific species of Drosera is this? I thought it was Drosera aliciae, but this plant has "white" flowers with yellow filaments. So the flowers tell me it's not D.aliciae.


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Hi! It seems Drosera spatulata to me too... but maybe the flower seems a little bigger than my spatulata’s one, I don’t see well... here I put some photos of a white flower form that I grew in 2014/2016... I hope it helps you;-)




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I'm so grateful for everyone's expert opinion and to Argo*88 for posting his impressive comparable plants too, which was really helpful in ID'ing my (previously unknown) plant as Drosera spatulata---in accordance to the general expert consensus on the forum.  Going forward, I'll care for it as a subtropical, in keeping with the species.

I truly appreciate everyone's help. Again, thank you so much!  :rolleyes:


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