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Your help or advice is greatly appreciated as this carnivorous plant parent is in pain. As I've begun my second set of carnivorous plants, I requested and received (with much difficulty during the process) over 200+ seeds of 6 different species from the Carnivorous Plant Society. Due to the sheer volume of seeds I received, I thought certainly by now at least some would have germinated in similar conditions as the other carnivorous plants I'd successfully grown first. However, it has been 7-10 weeks (depending on the species, plus some obviously required different stratification lengths and strategies, which add a few to several weeks onto that - I've even done a few as 1/2 and 1/2 stratified differently or some so & not at all to see if there are different results) and NONE of the seeds have germinated: NONE. I've done extensive research from many sites, including this one, and have done all as appropriate for stratification, germination, and prepared environments for their various needs after sprouting (hopefully.) What's more, I had inquired a few times with CPS to see how old these seeds were before they were sent to me, and there has not been any response since I inquired a few times during the shipment process and after receiving them...

The seeds are temporarily (as I also have a greenhouse for grown plants & another growing area) in a germination tank near the top with 1/2 covers, keeping 76-82 F temperatures regularly night and day, 50-75% humidity within the enclosure, fan ventilation from top (not shown in picture due to distance& placement,) peat moss and perlite (mixed at various levels of each per species recommendations) rinsed many times over with R/O water until there was no dust or cloudiness in either, the seeds were sprinkled on top (most are almost impossible to see on the dark, wet medium) with a very, very light dusting of peat moss dust that I sifted through fabric sprinkled about, the water tray that is filled and cleaned (safely of course) weekly, soil mix is always moist but not water logged, they receive tons (about 16 hrs full cycle) of light from the plant spectrum Fluval nano LEDs (7500K 1000lm 6 band light with 24 hour changing light cycle) and the T8 Fluorescent Aqueon full spectrum FloraMax light (I have a different UFO red, blue, white, infrared, and uva/uvb LED light for the Greenhouse when not outdoors.) You can see photos of my germination setup at 

There was for a short time some white fuzzy mold popping up randomly here or there, but that has stopped for quite some time now since I dabbed those areas of medium with a q-tip of neem oil. I've read here that this should not hurt the seeds in any way, so it shouldn't be that - nonetheless in such targeted, small doses.

Here are the species I'm working with, so some had stratification methods applied to them. Again, I had so many that some species that had mixed results from stratifying or not were split up into 1/2 being stratified and 1/2 not just to see. 

Cephalotus Follicularis typical
D. Muscipula mixed
D. anglica
D. Montana var tomentosa , Serra de Carraca
S. Judith Hindle op
Stylidium macranthum

They were shipped to me twice: once toward late last year/early this year then again in late February due to shipment (Post Office) error. Then stratified (to those applicable) and sown onto their soil. They did come from the UK to here (Indiana) through the USDA, but the first time the label wasn't looked at correctly so it was sent back and then re-mailed to me again. Could it be because they were air mailed and then post mailed in colder climates back and forth so much for an extended period of time before I got them?

Any advice, tips, help? I feel like I'm at a loss. :( It'd be greatly appreciated!

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I m not big expert, but every year sowing many dionea, drosera and saracenias . If seeds is mine, it germinate in a week to two. But last spring I bought some seeds from various sources, and Drosera binata multi.v.extrema sown around 01.04.19 only showed last week. The same D.filiformis v.floridiana first germinated around 01.05.19 and from time to time I see a new seedling. I think the seeds were not fresh. If they are older and kept dry, they will need several months

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first of all,never cover cp seeds with anything,not even peat dusts.

If they were stratified correctly,for 6-8 weeks with a touch of frost,the drosera and vft's should germinate in 6 weeks or so.

ceph seeds are in a league of their own and germinate when they want to,sometimes years later.

sarracenia seeds should be 6 weeks also but every now and then some just fail,i have loads germinate like cress this year except for one batch,the seeds looked fat and healthy but not one germinated, just a thought it might be a bit too warm for germination of some seeds at those temps,try lowering it a bit with a good drop at night

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Thanks, I can still see the vast majority of the seeds (those that are not too small of course) on top of the medium.  They also get a drop in temps at night as I do keep the fan running and most heat sources are timed to shut off with the lights besides 1 to keep it at a reasonable temp.  They were stratified exactly to instructions I've found on multiple sources and after much advice received and research, but the other seeds I've recently sown are doing better than these by miles. 

I understand Ceph seeds will take their own time, but it's been since mid-April and only 2 VFT Seeds have even begun to germinate from those CPS seeds.  I included a few new pots of batches of NEW seeds from other suppliers (ie. Fly Trap Store VFT seeds from late last year and user-sent Droseras - 3 different types - that were seeds from just this May) and those have begun germinating like CRAZY in the same conditions as the others:  some only took 2 weeks!  I'm starting to think the ones from the CPS were simply old due to not as many people sending in seeds unfortunatley...

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Keep trying.old seed can still germinate next spring. I found some of my own old vft seed (six years old)and it still germinated great after a winter in a cold green house,same with 3yo ping seeds

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