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Darlingtonia seeds

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Hi all

How long does it take for darlingtonia seeds to germinate? I bought some seeds together with some sarracenia seeds, and sowed them all at the same time. I put them all in the fridge for 6 weeks and then into the greenhouse. I have some sarracenia seedlings about 2mm high but nothing from the darlingtonia. Any help/advice appreciated.


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They should germinate around the same time.Are they getting the same amount of light?

My sarracenia seed germinated early this year,except for two pots.these were not quite as well lit as the rest,so I moved them into direct sun.A couple of weeks later they germinated fine.

Slight differences can make all the difference!

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Ada, I got your darlingtonia seeds in march 2017. I sowed them on dead sphagnum moss that i kept moist (nothing on the top). Humidity is roughly about 50%. About 5 weeks later I got germination (12 out of 12 seeds germinated, lost 1 later).

This is what it looked like on germination:


Now they look like this:



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Those are great results!!!!!   did you feed them?  

Its always very rewarding to see other growers doing really well with  seed grown plants originally supplied by me.

thanks for showing your excellent results

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