Another pitcher problem

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Hi guys,


it looks like i won't have any pitcher of my Adrian Slack this year!

Yesterday morning everything was perfect then in the evening you can see the situation in the pics....strong wing and hot sun!!! New pitchers burnt and broken...even on many other sarras....damn!!!


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It's very late to be growing its first pitchers? Even mine have been open for weeks now.  It also looks like they need more light to me.

It looks like the first pitcher has grown up into another pitcher to bend like that.

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They are in full sun, i received the plant on march/april and that pitcher didn't grow inside another pitcher. I had really bad weather with lots of rain and cold for the entire spring, i don't have a greenhouse and all the plants suffered a lot the bad weather

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I never had problems with sarras here but this year It's really bad!! As i said i received the plant in march/april so maybe It suffered a bit, i will post a pic ot the plant this evening...i'm having many problems with non carnivorous plants too...i think it's all due to the bad weather we had

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