S. Purpurea Clearance from Dorset Bog

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the CPS has been working with the Dorset Ecology Group several years to clear S. purpurea from a bog near Wareham in Dorset where it has become very invasive and is threatening native bog plants.  The original intention of the land owner was to apply glysophate and kill the lot but was persuaded to allow the Society to remove plants and many hundred (perhaps thousands) have already been removed.  The Eden Project took several hundreds.

Several patches are being retained on the site for research purposes.

We are meeting with the Dorset Ecology Group again on Thursday 27th June to continue with this . minorwork and to remove flowers from the remaining patches.

In addition to the purpureas there are large quantities of native sundews and an adjacent large pond has U. minor in abundance.

We are looking for volunteers to help with this work so if you could make it please PM me.


Dennis Balsdon




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