Wilted brown lid


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Hi all, I’m new to having sarracenia and not sure if mine is done fine nor not. I had it for about a month, there are new pitchers growing but many are also turning brown (due to the amount I doubt it’s natural aging). I initially had it at the windowsill and took it out to the terrace a week ago. That spot has longer hours of direct sun. The browning issue happened already before I moved it, but I think the two tall ones started to have dried lid after the move. Any ideas? Too hot? I pay attention to watering. Many thanks for your insights! 


(not sure how to insert images... hope the link works!)


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Image works - looks a bit frazzled on the edges. Whilst damp at the pot it could be a bit too dry up at the top. You could try a bigger pot and/or something larger to stand it in as a water tray? What temperatures in its location? My greenhouse can clear 40 deg C occasionally in summer and as long as they're stood in water the sarracenia have no problems. 

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