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I'm looking at adding a small nep to my windowsill collection. Currently the two I have growing there are Bill Bailey and hookeriana.


The three I'm currently considering are:


N aristolochioides x robcantleyi

N lowii

N eymae


I usually get at least an 8 degree drop in temperature at night, about 5 hrs direct sun per day and the plants get misted at least morning and evening for additional humidity.

Any thoughts on suitability of any of these three plants? Lowii is my preference at the moment but its reputation is definitely making me hesitate a little!

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It certainly does, but I'm anticipating having a fair bit more grow space by then :D

Day temps are hitting about 28 max at the moment - I haven't measured on a full-on summer day yet but I'd expect a few degrees above that.

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So far for me, lowii hybrids have proven to be very tolerant in their growing conditions. I haven't tried pure lowii on a windowsill however a part from seedlings but they are in miniature growing boxes so humidity for them was high.

The lowii hybrids I currently have growing on a windowsill are

N. briggsiana

N. lowii x truncata

N. lowii x campanulata

N. trusmadiensis x burbidgeae

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