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Hi all,

it's time for me to thing about a little greenhouse mainly for dionaeas, sarracenias and droseras, but i have some questions and i'm sure you can help me..

I live in Italy and here the sun during the hot season is really strong, do you think that 4 mm panel are good enough or 6 mm is better, and why?

Another question is about typical polycarbonate panels of glass like panels....wich one is better and why?


Thank you so much for your advices


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If it gets really hot and sunny where you are then it would be a good idea to use some  greenhouse shading.  There's lots available on the internet.

My greenhouse has 3mm toughened glass.  I think it looks better than polycarbonate.  And if it breaks it goes into tiny bits, so isn't dangerous.

Hope this helps.


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Well even your Italian sun won't be as strong as in Alabama, Florida etc. It's just the buildup of heat you'll need to watch out for.

Most people prefer glass because it's much clearer. Thickness doesn't matter, it's just whether you want normal or toughened.

You'll probably want plenty of vents / automatic openers.



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