Help picking LED color temps for VFT/Sundews/Neps? Can you have too much light?

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I'm setting up an indoor terrarium to grow carnivorous plants (and sphangum moss).

The tank is an Exo Terra terrarium, 90 x 45 x 45 cm.

I am thinking of getting this light:

However, it comes in three different colour temperatures - 3000K, 3500K and 4000K.

Does anybody have any advice on which is most suitable for sundews, venus fly traps and nepenthes?

Finally, is it possible to have too much light for these types of carnivorous plants that require full sun?


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A good rule of Thumb that apply to most non carnivour plants is:

If it grows insitu in full sun, it Will benefit from colder Lights.

If it grows insitu under the cannopy it benefits from warmer Lights.

I am not experienced enough with carnivours, but I would assume that the rule applies to Them as well. There are only one sun and The plants have adapted to it during long time.

And, Yes. A plant can suffer from too strong Light. For full sun plants, it is really Hard to exceed that level. Most likelly you run into problems with heat and drying out before the actual amount of Light is too much.




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