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Just received some sarracenia and sundews seeds,I now know its not the best time to plant but will give it a go.

Can they be sown straight away or need stratification.

If so what's the best method and how long?

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Sarracenia seeds normally need stratification.  They were presumably harvested last autumn so have probably had some form of cold conditions over the winter months which hopefully will be sufficient.  Drosera seeds do not normally need stratification, but to be sure what species/variety are they?

I would suggest sowing both types of seed now, it is certainly not too late but do not leave it any longer.  Be prepared for them to take 4 -8 weeks to germinate although it could be quicker.


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D. aliciae does not need stratification so go ahead and sow now.  I really don't think you need to put the Sarracenia seeds in the fridge now as it means they will have a very short growing season when you eventually sow them and that will not be very good for them as they will likely be small going in to the winter months.  If you want to hedge your bets and be extra safe, consider splitting the seeds into two portions, sow them both now in separate pots, put one of the pots in normal growing conditions and put the other pot in the fridge for a few weeks first.

Good luck!


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