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Were's the rain?

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I have done the stupid thing of assuming that there would be a decent amount of rain in Spring and not bothering yet to store any water other than what is on the water butt. The butt is now a third empty  (starting a mini bog used a lot of water) and yet another supposedly rain laden front passes by with not enough rain to wet the ground. I would guess in North London we have had 3mm of rain in the last 8 weeks- not exactly April Showers.This is not a problem unless this passes into another Summer like last year and then my water will not last long.

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9 hours ago, Deansgreenarmy said:

Wish I knew what the postage was Ian!

2k on some new tanks and now 450 on a RO to fill the freaking things :shock:


Rain is expensive stuff!


Another storm front goes by, last night another 1mm or rain- less than evaporated yesterday

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Chimaera, I worry like you. I have a 100 liters rain barrol and it ran half empty last week due to me having to fill up my garden bog, which dries out much quicker than I thought it would. A summer like last year would be killing at this time.  I am planning to buy another rain barrol just to prevent running out of rain water. They said in Holland that the dry season already started, but we were lucky to have much rain these last days, but it's not always this abundant. I filled up water bottels as well and stored them in my garden shed.

All in all it really is a laborous and pricy affair getting enough water for the plant.

You can always make the same mistake as I did and leave your table size greenhouse with seeds and seedlings out in the sun while being away on holiday. I boiled everything to death, by mistake of course. I hurt a little to see the seedlings all dry and crisp. Then again, they won't grow into plants and need water anymore.

Perhaps more people are frantically storing water like I do and do live nearby so they can share with you.

Good luck



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Working in a medically associated profession I have a water distiller for transforming tap water into a usable form for an autoclave by removing all mineral content. Long term its cheaper than buying the 5Ltr containers of purified water. I would still use the water butt out of preference but during dry spells you can produce enough to keep a bog pot going comfortably, about four litres on a cycle. I got mine on the internet for about £50.

(For some reason my wife sniggers when I talk about butt water and if I talk about making water its no better.)

I hope this helps and good luck.


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