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Pinguicula leptoceras

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42 minutes ago, ada said:

its a well grown plant,but are you sure its not a hybrid??   

Is this a hybrid?? Does this look like a hybrid?

I do not understand.....



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it does not look like a typical leptoceras to me,     google pinguicula leptoceras and look at the images.

it looks to have some grandiflora in it to me,some of the seeds on sale are notorious for being mislabelled and or hybrids.

i could be wrong and this is only my opinion.


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it is a P.grandiflora 

I saw 'in situ' this P.grandiflora with these stripe at the 'onglet' on the 2 lower side lobes ,  in france and in spain  like  this (excuse me the flower is a little past)


a P.leptoceras actually in flower to LE MANS



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Hi! I’m not an expert, but am I wrong or is there a method to distinguish p. Leptoceras from p. Vulgaris watching the flower back sepals? I grew a plant from seeds with location, maybe wild collected..  so I see the back sepals and I discover it was a p. Vulgaris and not a p. Leptoceras... an expert confirmed me the identification... if I remember well, p. leptoceras has the sepals totally separated, p. Vulgaris partially fused... Is there a similar way to distinguish p. Leptoceras from p. grandiflora? If Somebody has a flowered p. grandiflora, could he make a photo of the back of the flower?

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for me it is the throat drawings that make the difference .

for the sepals it's not obvious,sometimes the feature you're talking about is hard to see .

see here  to 'morphologie' ( in french desolate)

for the P.grandiflora subsp grandiflora


for the P.vulgaris subsp vulgaris


for P.leptoceras f leptoceras




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