The Carnivorous Plant Society - AGM

Dianne Salter

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The Carnivorous Plant Society would like all members to add this years date for the AGM into your diaries.


DATE :- Saturday 25th May 2019 

TIME:-  12pm - 5pm

PLACE:- East Horsley Village Hall

                Kingston Avenue

                East Horsley


                KT24 6QT


The agenda will be announced soon.

Refreshments will be available throughout the day. Plant sales welcome.

This is open to MEMBERS ONLY.

You will need to present your membership card on arrival. No membership card = no entry! 

If your membership card has been lost, stolen or defaced, please contact the membership secretary, Ron Satterthwaite as soon as you can so that he can send you a replacement.


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Just a quick note...

The Charities Commission guidelines make no mention that non-members may not attend a charity AGM. It does say, however, that the individual Charity's governing document may determine who can attend an AGM. Sadly, the CPS's governing document does not state who can and cannot attend an AGM. So I'm not entirely sure that saying the AGM is open to MEMBERS ONLY is completely lawful!"

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There are two parts to the AGM:  the first is concerned with Society business (receiving committee reports, voting for committee members/trustees, changes to the governing document/subscription rates etc);  the second consists of talks on various aspects of CPs including cultivation, habitats etc and the auction.

The first part is restricted to members for obvious reasons.  The second is open to anyone.


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Sadly I will be unable to come as I currently dont drive and so my wife would have to bring me, but not being a member would mean she would be left in the car on her own. It would seem a bot rude of me to expect her to drive me down there and then ask her to wait in the car lol.

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