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Hi all.  I have been attempting to grow carnivorous plants for a couple of years now. I haven't had much luck with them unfortunately, as they seem to last a few months and then gradually give up the ghost, which is heart breaking. Hopefully I will be able to pick brains on this forum to enable me to keep my plants healthier. I have a couple of nepenthes and a sarracenia at the moment. The nepenthes are not so bad although the pitchers on alata are dying off. The other one is an unknown which I rescued from a shop. I think it was a seedling, albeit a sad little thing. It's growing quite well and is just starting to develope some pitchers. It will be interesting to see if it survives. Be grateful for all future advice

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Hi Redsarebest and welcome to CPUK.

You can get a wealth of advice from some very knowledgeable growers, some of the best in the world. Keeping CPs isnt too difficult if you just do the basics right, I'm sure you will master it quickly.

Best of luck and ask anything, there's no such thing as a wrong question.




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Hi Red.  Welcome to the forum.  Feel free to ask lots of questions.  I know how awful it feels to struggle with them initially.  I struggled for years, then I found the forum here and absorbed all the information, bought a couple of good books (The Savage Garden by Peter D'Amato and Insect Eaters by Adrian Slack).  I found all this information invaluable.  And I soon learned how to bring my crash-test dummy of a Venus Flytrap through dormancy and out the other side.  Same for a Sarracenia.  

On another note, it's more than likely that your Nepenthes alata is actually a hybrid called Nepenthes Ventrata.  That's the most common one available in the shops and garden centres.  

Happy growing.  

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