Let's see your terrestrial utricularia setup

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Hi everyone one,

I have a few terrestrial utricularia species and will be looking to expand the collection next spring. I'm interested in your setups (indoor, greenhouse, summer,winter) What works best for you? Pics would be great and growlists!

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I only have a couple of species like sandersonii, pubescens, bisquamata and a fairly large one that I can't recall the name of, so my experiences probably won't apply to some of the rarer species, but from what I've found, the only thing Utricularia need to be healthy is water (and some light, of course). That's it. All of my Utricularia just grow in the sphagnum moss or peat that other plants grow in. The sandersonii are in flower all year round, the bisquamata as well, the others I haven't seen any flowers on however.

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