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Possible Endosymbiotic Root Fungus?

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This is my first time posting, excited to join this community! 

Ive has my Drosera prolifera for about 3-4 months now. It came with 5 leaves, and 2 baby plants. I separated the babies, gave one to my sister (her’s is in a different room) and planted mine elsewhere in my terrarium. I also have Drosera capensis, spatulata, and nidiformis. I grow my plants under a 15h photo period, 30-60% humidity, and 55-75°F (12°C - 23°C). As soon as I got my prolifera planted it started giving me problems. First the leaves would lose the dew, the tenticals would drop, and it would turn red. After a while it would turn brown then start drying out. It did this leaf after leaf till none were left. I’m worried this might be an endosymbiotic root fungus, as I’ve heard it described in this manner similarly. My other plants in the terrarium don’t have this symptom, and I’m worried it will spread. Could it be my light is too far away? It’s about 1/2 meter or so above the plants. Regardless if it is this fungus will a funguside treat/prevent it? Now I am noticing it on the bottom leaves of my baby prolifera (that was doing so so well). I have noticed fungus gnats around my growing area. Thanks so much. 



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