Nepenthes Rajah x Mira problem

roberto morgado

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Good afternoon,
I have one Nepenthes Rajah x Mira  problem, the plant is pitchering well but it has red spots like burn on leaves, the new one it has the new spot it has, finally the leaves go black and go off,
This kind of nepenthes has some kind of limitation on the amount of light? I have it in the same pot with live sphagnum moss and good drainage.

I don’t know if the problem is humidity(90%) or the water (70ppm) or the led lights.
I have it in the same greenhouse  with the same highland conditions of the others.
Others are growing well.

This plant don’t get red color as the others for the amount of light.

I hope someone could tell me if it has a pest, fungus or i dont know what else...





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20 minutes ago, Nepenthesman said:

I get that problem with Nepenthes Mira it only happens when the leaves are constantly wet but high humidity does nothing only wet leaves creates spots.

Oooh! Cool! I never would have imagined that the problem could be that. I'm going to try to put a kind of translucent umbrella so that it does not get wet but has moisture.
Does this only happen with the nepenthes mira? or on the part of the rajah too. Thank you very much I will try to see if I solve it in that way.

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