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Hi Chris, 

I'm in Whitstable, I've had a few carnivorous plants for a couple of years but always had them on the window still, only recently learned that some can live outside so now I'm planning  a blog garden in an old butler sink we have.

Cheers Kevin.

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Whistables a nice place, or at least it was, it's been a few years since I've been there!

The majority of carnivorous plants can live outside all year round,  most of mine do but if you can give them protection in particularly cold times then that's a bonus. 

Nepenthes and some of the more tropical sundews will need to be kept above freezing though.. 

The main issue with growing outdoors is the damage caused by nature, wind and heavy rain can see your prize pitchers snapped in half or all slumped along the ground. 

Look into some of the smaller / shorter growing sarras as they are more robust outside, chuck in a purpurea or two, couple of fly traps and drosera and a ping or two and you'll be away mate ! .

Avoid dressing the top with moss though, pretty as it looks the birds will rob it for nesting and usually nick a plant or two at the same time ! 

Good luck with your project Kev


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The curse of predictive text strikes again!  

Thanks for the advice Chris, I'll post some questions in the Bog garden section soon as we've decided where to site the sink.

Yes Whitstable is still nice, but way too busy in the summer, I live up the east side of town away from the centre, so I can avoid all the tourists.

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