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Supplier review: plants.plantae.sk

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Hey guys,

Was bulking up my nepenthes collection and looking for some specific species unavailable currently in the UK (having already ordered and had a great experience with Matt over at Hantsflytrap).

Turning to the EU, I decided to try a few smaller suppliers in addition to Andrea Wistuba and Roraima. I found Plants.plantae.sk, run by Michal Parvanov. So I sent an email asking about delivery to the UK, availability, etc. To my surprise, he was very responsive, fluent in English, and I felt he was rather helpful with shipping arrangements - even threw in a freebie (Genlisea Flexuosa). I'll have to drop by his nursery for a visit if I go to Slovakia!

Anyhow, the plants arrived quickly, sent bare root (+sphagnum) as standard. The leaves looked healthy with traps present on the plant, and a good tangle of roots on all of them. I often find that if the sphagnum ball itself being live a good sign of good conditions at nursery.


I've attached a couple photos for reference:

After unwrapping from box/bubble-wrap:


A young tentaculata (BE-3192, Murud Sarawak), starting to show some of the ovular openings expected in latter life.


A burkei (BE-3254) with two growth points present.


And finally the young Genlisea Flexuosa - this is a first for me, so will be looking into cultivation tips. For the time being, it's going into my lowland tank.


Cheers all, and happy weekend!


P.S. I was looking for N. Ramispina - unfortunately he'd just sold out! Don't suppose anyone has any idea if there are any suppliers for it?


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