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Richard Bunn

Asking me for Help

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Hi folks


If anyone wants to draw my attention to a question they're asking me on here would they PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me a PM?  That way I CAN help you.

I don't read every post in the forum as I don't have time so I'm unlikely to see your request for help. Also, thinking logically, it's akin to submitting something for the Prime Minister's Question Time by popping it on the notice board in Tesco!

PS  There's also a 'tagging' feature in the system these days.  If you want someone's attention on a post, mention their name by putting the @ symbol then type their name and select the link in the list that appears.  It's really handy as they get notified.  Usually, anyway, but there is the option for a member to disable it in their profile.  

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