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Anyone know who Orchissss is on Ebay? Prat is complaining my Gemmae are only 1.5mm!! Says they should be at least 3mm and is opening a dispute, even though I offered a refund on return. Clearly knows nothing about CPs, to be avoided.

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1 hour ago, Guy said:

Ebay is more buyer than seller focussed, sadly.

Offering a refund should be in your favour, I wish you the very best as you work through this.


Agree! However, there'll be ones you just will never 'win' - that seems to be the nature of the internet.  Best to aim to just minimise the 'damage' they cause and close it out as soon as you can. When they're anonymous some folk are also obnoxious! I've had two of these in my time. Hard not to let it get under your skin though.

Good luck...

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