Quite possibly the smallest mature Heliamphora pitcher in recorded history

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I was inspecting my Heliamphora just now and noticed a lot of new pitchers coming up, but whilst doing so I also found this remarkably tiny mature pitcher hidden amongst the others. I couldn't get a ruler in between all the pitchers, but taking a guess it's 1cm tall at best. There's a juvenile pitcher right next to it that's three times the size! I don't know why it's so small, but it's yet another reason why I love this particular plant. I believe it's a Heliamphora nutans, or a hybrid of that with Heliamphora minor. I got it from someone on CPUK (unfortunately I forgot their username and it looks like I've deleted the messages) last summer when it only had four pitchers, and just look at how much it's grown! All I've done since then is put it on my windowsill and water it once a week. All other Heliamphora I had have died for one reason or another, so this one probably cheated. It doesn't even mind the Utricularia or the fern that suddenly appeared about a year ago, and the flower stalk has also been alive since October last year. An exceptionally strong specimen.

I have no idea why the pictures are upside down, at least I don't recall hanging from the ceiling to take them.








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