N. madagascarensis as a windowsill plant


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I have a soft spot for N. madagascarensis, as it is the only pitcherplant I have seen in the wild (I did some work in Madagascar 20 years ago) and would like to know if it would be realistic to grow it as a windowsill plant without terraria etc. alongside highland Nepenthes that seem to do OK. Firstly it seems to be difficult to obtain in the UK. Also reading online there seems to be a lot of disagreement about it. I have seen it said to need lowland conditions, low light and be difficult, others that it grows in highland conditions, in full light and is easy.

Where I saw it, in the south of the island, it was growing on a partly flooded sandy savannah (more what I would imagine to be 'classic' Sarracenia environment) with no shade and, although in the tropics, it was decidedly chilly at night due to cool sea breezes (altitude of about 1 metre above sea level). Apparently it also grows further north in proper rainforest conditions. Could the contradictions about growing it be due to some plants being from the hot, shaded north and others from the cooler, sunny south?

Does anyone have experience of this species in the conditions that would be met as a houseplant?

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Hello Chimaera,

It's possible if you acclimatize the plant slowly: first use a clear Orchid pot as a cover to provide good humidity.

The room temperature should always be minimum 20°c, better 22°c or above.


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Thanks for that.I would like to give them a go.  I am wondering if it is the northern (rainforest) populations that are in circulation; when I saw them in the wild it was Spring (Sept) and nights were well below 20 and it was not at all humid with strong sea breezes..

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you are right, you can grow it 'dry'. I've noticed it likes well drained soil, also the leaves may get brown spots if you mist too often.

You've convinced me to try it on windowsill :-)

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