Pitcherplants wild in Denmark

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Very very interesting, thanks for sharing... do You know how many years are there sarracenias in Denmark? The plants that You have posted some photos a few days ago were from plants original from this population? Are there also pure sarracenia purpureas “wild”? :smile:

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No, the other plants I posted were seed sown plants from wild populations in North America. 

I dont know how many years these have been in Denmark. The first part of the photos were from 2010. The next part pics taken in 2015.

Picture 1 to 3 shows pure Spp from the danish population. 

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S. purpurea were first introduced to UK bogs over 100 years ago in various location in the  UK and Ireland subsequently much later by people who should have known better.

They have spread to become a major problem as they out compete native bog plants.  Land owners are very concerned and are attempting to remove them.

Over the last few years and In conjunction with other organisations the UK CPS has removed hundreds (maybe thousands) of purpurea from a large bog in southern England where the landowner was intending to spread glysophate weed killer.  Only a small patch now remains which is used by botany students at the local university. 

The problem is that there are millions of seeds which continue to emerge each year over large areas.  I doubt that the eradication will now be successful.  Similar attempts to eradicate Japanese Knot Weed, Himalayan Balsam, Rhododendron and other exotic introductions have also been unsuccessful.

Dennis Balsdon





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