Dormancy for Petiolaris Complex Drosera (is it dead or dormant / water level / dormancy times

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Hey guys,

Got a few questions here about Pet Complex Drosera. Firstly, I have a terrarium with a Caduca, Fulva, Dilatato, Paradoxa and a Derbyensis. I had a Lanata but it died. The leaf tips turned gray and the gray color slowly spread throughout the entire plant until the plant was just dead. I originally thought the terrarium was too wet so I adjusted the water levels and assumed that would fix it. However, now my Derbyensis seems to be dying in the same manner and the water level is as low as can be for non dormancy. Both my dead Lanata and the almost dead Derbyensis were doing great for many weeks when first added to my terrarium. And all my other species look healthy as can be. Now all of the sudden my Derbyensis (there's actually 2 of them) look like they're moments away from death.

As I mentioned, the water level is pretty low. Maybe I have triggered dormancy?! 2 points against that though is this doesn't look like dormancy, it looks like death, just like what happened to my Lanata, and my other plants all seem to be doing great. Maybe someone can take a look at the photos I provided and help me figure this out?

In the photos are my dying Derbyensis and my healthy Dilatato and Fulva for comparison. 

Next questions I have are probably easier to answer... How low does the water level need to be for dormancy? In other words, how dry should the substrate be exactly? Really dry? And over what period of time do you let the soil dry out? I suppose it's not all at once and the soil should dry out over a certain period of time as opposed to all at once. I ask because my tank gets dry fast so I have to manually alter the water level every few days.

How long should I let the soil be dry for and dormancy occur? In other words, how many months should the soil be dry before raising the water level again?

I basically need a time table and instruction on how to properly go in to and come out of dormancy. Any help would be appreciated and the more detail the better.

And just fyi, before the obvious questions are asked... I keep the plants at or around 30° Celsius and have around 85-90% humidity. The plants are kept under strong light. 3000k now, because it's autumn, same in winter, and 6500k in spring and summer. My temps stay about the same in all seasons but my lights run for 18hrs. in June-July. 16hrs. in August-September and April-May. 14hrs. in October-November and February-March. And 12hrs. December-January.

Currently my substrate is dry for about a 2cm depth but beyond that point it's moist. No moisture is apparent for the first 2cm of depth. There is no standing water currently in the bottom fill area. But in Spring I usually keep a few cm of water standing in the bottom.

If anything is wrong with what I'm doing please let me know. 

Thanks in advance!






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