Open day Nursery Carni Flora Aalsmeer 20 April 2019


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On behalf of Carni Flora, the Carnivora working group has the honor to welcome you on the open day of nursery Carni Flora. Carni Flora is one of the largest nurseries of carnivorous plants in Europe. Normally the nursery can not be visited for private individuals and outside this two annual open day this is not possible.

On April 20 you will be given the chance to visit this nursery and walk around the many rows of Sarracenias and Venus Fly Traps. In addition, it is possible to purchase plants (Cash payment, no pin!).

The day is organized by the Carnivora Working Group. They will welcome you at 10:00 am in the large hall and explain briefly what the intention is.

There are a few rules during this day:

It is not allowed to bring in plants. If you want to exchange or sell plants yourself, then there is the opportunity in the parking lot for the company.

It is clearly indicated what is available for sale and what is not. The request to respect this.

Outside this open day, the nursery is not open for visits or sales

Again: only cash payment.

The open day starts at 10:00 am and will end at 13:00 at the latest.

Be on time because the best examples are the first ones;)


Rietwijkeroordweg 35, 1432 JG, Aalsmeer

For questions you can contact us via [email protected]


Araflora will also be present with a very good offer on Carnivores and other plants.

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