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Splitting and repotting unknown hybrid

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Hi everyone 

I have just split a Sarracenia hopefully some of you can identify it. I belive it's a hybrid. It was very crowed with rhizomes all growing on top of each other, even in a large pot. 

My main question is now I have split the plant. Do I cut off all existing pitchers, even though there are quite a few nice pitches on the plant. And although they are obviously dormant now, should I stand them in water, or just give them a good soaking, so the new compost is damp. 

There is a new Flava in the one pot, and quite a few of the plants split of my hybrid. A few sundews which the frost got to, which are just recoving and a venus fly trap or 2.


Thanks steve 





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Give them a good soaking and then let the pots drain off so the compost is damp. Standing in a few mm of water won't hurt this time of year. Either leave the pitchers on or cut them off - there'll be new ones in the spring anyhow..

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