Big_sw2000 (Steve)

Hi just a quick hello

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I'm Steve. In my early 40s now lol and started a very basic Sarracenia garden. 

I originally started collecting carnivorous plants as a kid, after falling in love with my venus flytrap. It soon progressed to collecting various Sarracenia which grew on my window sill. And quite a few in mums garden. 

Now after digging a pond last year, and toying with the idea of a bog garden, I've decided to start another collection. Although not a bog garden yet, I've gone for a few large pots around the pond. Although currently my plants are over wintering in the porch. Hopefully this year I will get my hands on some more plants. 

Quite lucky where I live, as I'm only a few miles from P&J plants formally Marston Exotics, and just recently today found another seller in the Neath Valley. So not too far away. 

So thought I would introduce my self, offer my limited advice, and learn a lot more from the people of this forum. 

Thanks for having me


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