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Hi there! I'm New Here!


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Just wanted to say Hi from the U.S. I live in Central to North East Texas zone 8b. I have been growing CPs for two years now and it is the most thrilling thing Ive ever been a part of!  It is my greatest passion in life, besides my family, my two kids, 3 adopted step children and my wonderful husband! Family and CPs are where it's at in my Book of Life! Lol 

Looking forward to see everything this forum had to offer... as I am always looking for new ideas and methods to try.  I'm also looking forward to expanding my collection of CPs and try my hand at growing Nepenthes , pinguicula, and ultriculria from seed. I love being adventurous and trying everything!  So any tips on anything anyone can give me... or point me in the direction of getting seeds of any of those varieties mentioned... it would be much appreciated! 

Thank you! 

Peace, Love, Happiness, & Carnivorous Plants 

Carni Girl Ky  

P.S. Included are a few pics of what I have grown and photographed myself. These were taken in the late Summer to early Fall. I have tons more pics to share!








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Welcome to the forums, Carnigirl! 

You sound like your enthusiasm level is at the right level for CPs! 11 out of 10! You are going to make a great addition! I am in the US as well but growing indoors exclusively right now. 

Can't wait to pass ya in the forums in the future! Happy growing! :D 

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