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Bonjour Jeff

I keep my greenhouse around minimum 6-8C over winter but I would have used a heated propagator probably to about 10C for these plants.  Over winter I believe I kept them dry but they dried during the growing season suggesting that I probably over watered.  From memory mine was Dorstenia foetida, a nice little plant with black flowers but with the poor success I had I wasn't encouraged to keep trying.  It was a few years ago now so my memory of them is fading.

btw I have also tried Hydnophytum formicarum which you asked about on another thread.  I had best results keeping it inside the house (on bathroom windowsill) where I had one flower and set seed (seem to be self fertile).  But, when I had to move the plant to the greenhouse it also died. I think my conditions weren't warm enough.

Good luck with them if you decide to give them a go.

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may be in winter your greenhouse is probably too cold,  dorstenia are rather tropical plants from africa and central and southern america.

for my part I always cultivate them at temperatures higher than 16 ° C (outside in summer) , with waterings all year long (keeping a dry substrate between each watering)

the rubiaceae ( ant plants) are also tropicals plants ,from South East Asia.

I cultivate these species in 2 terra , always with a good air hygrometry (80-90%)is grown a little like nephentes, since from the same backgrounds.

I've been cultivating them for several years now, and I'm looking to swap :thumbsup:


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